Beachfront Accommodation
When you stay at Beach Abode by the sea
You will be welcomed with warmth and hospitality

beach front accommodation

A visit to Beach Abode Beachfront Lodge is reminiscent of having your own beach home in New Zealand.

The 3 separate well-equipped apartments have all the appeal of a private beach getaway with the amenities of a 4 star accommodation.

This unique combination of luxury and comfort makes Beach Abode the ideal vacation destination.

beach accommodation

Beach Abode is an established small elegant lodge.

It is one of the few serviced accommodations in Ahipara on the beachfront. Private access track leads from the property to the beach.

You're invited to look through the web site for more details on all of three lovely beachfront apartments.
Click to see the Satellite image of our location.

11 Korora St Ahipara New Zealand 0064-9-409-2102

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